Enterprise Responsibility

    Social results

    Market oriented company, enterprise, formed the industrial chain management system in frozen food research and development, production and sales as one of the regional agriculture, to guide the direction of industrial development, improve food production regionalization, specialization, scale level, speed up the development of quick-frozen food processing industry. During the production and processing of quick-frozen food, strict control of food raw materials, strict accordance with the food production management standards, provides the guarantee for consumers to supply safe and safe quick-frozen food. The company actively promote the cooperation between leading enterprises and vegetable cultivation, establish vegetable planting base, protect the quality and supply of quick-frozen food from the source, and effectively promote the integration and development of the one or two and three industries in rural areas. With the expansion of the market, the company will expand the original scale, improve the quick-frozen food production capacity, equipment and facilities and cold chain transportation continue to grow, will effectively promote the development of industry of frozen food business, bigger and stronger agricultural leading enterprises. At present, the company has directly driven about more than 50 households, the radiation benefit farmers will reach about 300 people, and provide jobs for the society. It promotes the adjustment of agricultural structure, enhances the efficiency of agriculture and increases the income of farmers.


    Ecological Benefit

    With the company of frozen food, the growing scale of production, will effectively promote local vegetable planting and processing, livestock, grain and oil processing and logistics and other downstream industries supporting the development, supply and demand coordination and communication to guide for culture industry production, processing industry development, reduce the waste of energy, but also reduces the waste of agricultural products the garbage. Efficient and large-scale logistics operation system can effectively reduce the cost of logistics, but also reduce the pollution of transportation to the atmospheric environment.