Caring for the staff, caring for the warm heart -- caring for the staff warm winter activities held successfully in 2016

    In order to reflect the enterprise employees and their families care, in December 18th, the trade union staff warm winter activities held in Yangzhou, invited outstanding employees and their families to visit the company headquarters, to carry out the family forum, attended the welcome dinner.

    The development of the company can not do without the silent support and selfless dedication of all staff and their families for a long time. Therefore, the company every year the Spring Festival specially drove to the staff home condolences, send condolences money and gifts. In order to let the families of employees to learn about the company, family environment, enterprises feel warm, change the form of the former Union condolences, the families of the outstanding staff specially invited to Yangzhou, let us feel the “Baotianxia”.

    Warm reception, clean and comfortable accommodation, carefully designed activities of banners, balloons, a riot of colours reasonable collocation and huge amount of dinner menu condolences and gifts, all aspects of this activity reflects the company leadership attention.

    3 in the afternoon, we take the bus to the company headquarters in Baoying from the Yangzhou “Yechun Taste” Food Co. Ltd., a way of singing and laughing, laughing and talking, the atmosphere is very warm.

    First, we visited the company headquarters, corporate videos and watch the world, visited the “Baotianxia” cultural corridor, office environment, enterprise culture booth, we listened to the explanation, while questioning the staff. The view of the enterprise propaganda film, let everyone know more about the “Baotianxia”, but also to the world to resolve the Yangzhou baozi into the “Baotianxia” belief. A modern office environment, positive team atmosphere, making commercials exquisite, to the families of staff made a deep impression, between the company and the employees and their families and the distance between the employees and their families, enhance the sense of pride and honor.

    In the evening, we gathered at the The Crown Inn Hotel in Baoying to enjoy the welcome dinner. Zhu Zong, chairman of the company union, welcomed the family members of employees coming from afar. Since the establishment of the trade union, it is for employees to seek benefits, please reassure your family members, employees work here, happy, comfortable play. Cai Jinping, chairman of the board of directors delivered a speech: this time, the family of outstanding employees to the company, a better understanding of the enterprise, to share the growth process of enterprises. Subsequently, Cai Jinping, chairman of the board of directors and Zhu Zong, chairman of the trade union, gave consolation money and gifts to the family members. One of them was a commemorative coin of silver, which had a high value of collection. The chairman of the company Mr. Cai Jinping took time out of your busy schedule to attend the welcome dinner, he said: the company since its inception, has created the culture of home, everyone just work division is different, there is no distinction or distinction. In 2016, it was the “Baotianxia” famous brand, founded 3rd anniversary. So far, Jiangsu “Baotianxia” food has won a lot of honor, can not do without the staff's silent pay. The world never owes the money to the suppliers and the salaries of the employees, and the work is steady and the development space is great. The flickering light, toast each other cheerful music in the background, filled with happiness and touched on everyone's face.

    In the field of sharing links, each staff thanks to the platform provided by the enterprise, thank the chairman. At the end of the event, the family members said, "thank you very much for the zero distance opportunity created by the enterprise."Through this activity, we can better understand the working environment of relatives, and truly feel the humanistic care of enterprises. In the future, we must better support, encourage and support the family wholeheartedly into the work, to contribute more to the development of enterprises.

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