Happy dumplings celebrate the winter solstice The “Baotianxia” Food Co., Ltd. held winter solstice dumplings

    In the early morning of December 22nd, all the employees of the “Baotianxia” Food Co., Ltd. were busy making dumplings and enjoying the winter solstice.

    We end with a prepared dumplings, in the cheerful music background, people Ganmian skin, people make dumplings, some people put chopsticks, everyone was busy awfully. While we dumplings, while exchange custom home and make dumplings skills, occasionally to a surprise attack, next to the face coated with flour, pleasant atmosphere, lively and extraordinary, laughing. In a short time, the moon shaped, gold ingot, twist and other styles of dumplings filled with dishes.

    The development and growth of the “Baotianxia” can not be separated from the customer's silent support and love for many years. Every year the winter solstice, the “Baotianxia” holds the annual dumplings activities, so that employees can feel the festive atmosphere, in the cold winter, enjoy the warmth of home.

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