Knowledge of Frozen Vegetables

    Scientists at the food reform research center at Sheffield University in the United Kingdom have frozen 37 kinds of vegetables. The results showed that the nutrition of frozen vegetables was not less than that of fresh vegetables.

    Frozen vegetables lose a lot of nutrients

    Compared to some fresh fruits and vegetables after long distance transportation, storage and so on, one of the vegetables which has been put into the refrigerator room with subzero temperature below 18 degrees Celsius can keep the nutrients better. Because frozen vegetables almost stop breathing, microbes can't grow and reproduce. And long-distance transportation of vegetables will be because of the link "toss" and lose part of the nutrition.

    However, freezing is different from cold storage, and the low temperature at -18 is not suitable for all fruits and vegetables. Some fruits and vegetables will taste bad after freezing. Therefore, vegetables with high starch content are suitable for freezing, and vitamin C, B and other water-soluble vitamins in these vegetables can be well preserved at low temperature.

    In addition, the Liz Hyde Institute of food and the University College Chester conducted 40 tests to study the nutritional components of fruits and vegetables stored in subzero temperatures in refrigerator and freezer rooms for 3 days. The results showed that the nutritional value of frozen fruits and vegetables was almost the same as that of freshly picked fruits, but the bacteria could grow in storage for a long time in refrigerated chambers. Moreover, some studies have shown that 2/3 of frozen fruits and vegetables have higher scores in antioxidants such as vitamin C, polyphenols, anthocyanins, lutein and beta carotene. These antioxidants have great benefits for the prevention of cancer and the maintenance of the function of the body, brain, skin and eyes.

    From this point of view, part of the fruits and vegetables can be frozen, and its nutrients will not be less! You can rest assured that the fruits and vegetables you want to eat will be stored in winter!

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