Will you get fat when eating Rice Cake?

    If you eat much, the answer is yes.

    Effect: sweet and warm, non-toxic. It contains starch, protein, fat, cellulose, vitamin (B1, A, E) and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other substances. It has the effect of Supplementing Qi and supplementing qi and regulating stomach. Of the spleen and stomach, after eating, not Jianyun indigestion, spontaneous perspiration, urine and other symptoms more weakness should be used (glutinous rice is narrow, so the thirst, frequent urination, frequent nocturia, due to spleen deficiency disease can be used) and food after vomiting, cholera, diarrhea disease, stomach, and eating pingni, the power of diarrhea. Stop sweating rough glutinous rice glutinous rice root, or half pound glutinous rice boiled Rice porridge, which is suitable for all patients with chronic weakness. "Six of the medicine drug total meaning" said: "the glutinous rice porridge for the gas Yangwei Miao goods". Especially suitable for the elderly morning porridge, in order to benefit the stomach and Sheng jin. Hebei rural women have to eat glutinous rice porridge brown sugar postpartum habit that can raise the stomach temperature and tranquilization, invigorating the spleen and promoting blood effect.

    [note] glutinous rice glutinous rice is also called, is a kind of sticky rice. Glutinous rice has waxy, medium waxy, beige color of Rhizoma Bletillae purple. The clay can be steamed, boiled dumplings, and eat porridge. But it is warm, sticky, cooked, hot, and often eating hot and humid, moving phlegm water, so fever and children with sick, not eating, more food is hot, prone to stool drying. Glutinous rice root rod, can be used as medicine. Effect of glutinous rice root treatment and treatment, sweating, sweating filarial chyluria. Glutinous rice grass water decoction of prevention and treatment of infectious hepatitis.

    In traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, there is often "Valley bud" (germinating rice). Gu ya gamping non-toxic, mainly used for invigorating the spleen, appetizers, gas and digestion, can not hurt the stomach to help digestion, and millet sprout is rich in vitamin B, it can also be used for treating beriberi. Gu Nie, also known as Niemi germinatus.

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